After You Buy Weed in Thunder Bay, What Can You Do for Fun? 

There’s no doubt that Thunder Bay is one of the most gorgeous places in Ontario. There are so many places to explore and enjoy. People from all over the world travel to Canada, so that they can enjoy the natural beauty and timeless treasures that can be found here.

However, if you’re not familiar with the area, you may not know where to begin when you’re planning a fun excursion; after visiting High Society’s cannabis store in Thunder Bay, of course.

We’re almost as knowledgeable about the area around our weed dispensary in Thunder Bay, as we are about our cannabis products – and we know those extremely well.


Let High Society Share Some Ideas for Post-Smoke Chill Spots 

High Society Cannabis Co. strives to provide a friendly, educational experience when you’re shopping in our Thunder Bay cannabis store. But we don’t want your fun to stop when you walk out our doors to enjoy your newly acquired cannabis buds or weed accessories.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite places in the Thunder Bay area to visit, after you’ve had a chance to sample our products.


Blue Point Amethyst Mine 

Are you a fan of geology? Do you have a rock collection at home that’s begging for a striking new addition?

Then you should stop by Blue Point Amethyst Mine after you pick up some new weed accessories from High Society. This quarry is still active, and you can even grab some tools to do a little mining yourself if you’d like.

You won’t have to put in any work to bring home a treasure, as the gift shop offers stones that have already been cleaned by the staff. This way, you can spend some time appreciating the precious stones that can be found here, without getting your hands dirty.


Centennial Botanical Conservatory 

If you’re the kind of person that’s got a gorgeous garden at home, and you take great joy from flowers and exotic plants, the Centennial Botanical Conservatory is a must-see.

You can explore the grounds and enjoy taking in all the breathtaking exotic plants and trees from around the world. Also, if you happen to be a bee-lover, there are beehives on-site and even a pollinator garden, so you can watch our humble bumble friends do their work.

Depending on the time of year that you visit, there’s always something to see. And because things are always growing and changing at the conservatory, there’s always something new to enjoy!


The Terry Fox Monument 

When Terry Fox was diagnosed with rare bone cancer at the age of 18 and had to have his right leg amputated above the knee, he didn’t let that slow him down.

Every September the world celebrates this Canadian hero with the Terry Fox Run for cancer, but only here in Thunder Bay can you find the Terry Fox Monument all year long.

This picturesque memorial to Terry is the perfect place to come and reflect on all the good things you want to do, once you’re done enjoying some of your cannabis buds.


Thunder Bay Country Market 

This Thunder Bay institution has been around for over 20 years. The market allows people to access a wide range of small, local businesses that all produce their wares locally.

With all the changes that we’ve been forced to endure over the last few years, it’s refreshing to find a place that is built entirely around supporting local, mom and pop businesses.

So, after you visit our weed dispensary in Thunder Bay, stop by the market to pick up some delicious, homemade munchies.


Thunder Bay Museum 

Built inside of a building that was once both a police station and a courthouse, the Thunder Bay Museum is a treasure trove of local knowledge and historical artifacts.

Providing visitors with six galleries packed with interesting items, the museum has both locally and nationally significant heritage exhibits.

Just because you’re enjoying some of our amazing cannabis buds or weed accessories, doesn’t mean you can’t learn something along the way too.


All Your Favourite Cannabis Strains in Thunder Bay 

Plus, All the Weed Accessories You Love 

Now that you know about just a few of the amazing places that you can visit around Thunder Bay, you’re ready to come see us to get some supplies for your plans.

Whether you’re looking for weed pipes, grinders, bowls, rolling papers, bongs, vape pens or cartridges, we’ve got everything you could need and much, much more.

Of course, we’ve also got some of the best indica and sativa strains in the area, as well as all the amazing hybrids that fall somewhere along the middle of the spectrum.

So, when the next time you’re looking for a reliable weed dispensary in Thunder Bar that’s a lot more than just a pot shop, think High Society. You’ll be glad you did.